About Me

For over 15 years I have been working as a graphic designer creating mostly websites and logos. I enjoy working on my own personal art as well.

Sue Baily WeaverI started painting during college because I needed a second emphasis to go with my graphic design degree. If you would have told me that I could have been any good at painting that first semester, I would have laughed in your face. Looking at the blank white canvas would send shivers up my spine. At one point, in Painting I, I remember having to go for a long walk because painting a self-portrait seemed impossible.

Needless to say, once I got over the fear of failure, I fell in love with paint—especially painting with a palette knife. So far I’ve used both palette knives and brushes. I suppose kitchen utensils could be in my future!

Bright colors get me really excited. I also enjoy abstracting forms. Too much realism just kind of bores me. The best thing my painting teacher, George Wray, ever did for me was hand me a big brush and forbid my use of the small ones. It freed me up to get into a rhythm with the paint and shed some of my meticulous tendencies.

My subjects vary from instances I’ve noticed, feelings from a place or time, and ideas that have come through meditations. I believe when we enter the artistic process we have the opportunity to tap into the subconscious part of ourselves. At this point I see my art as an expression of my personal explorations.

Susan (Sue) Baily Weaver
shielded address - call me at 208-806-1136 if you can't read it