Don’t Stress Over Wasted Paint

A Knight Mouse (painting)

A KNIGHT MOUSE, 2011, 11" x 14", acrylic on canvas

I created this painting for my son. He drew a picture of a “knight mouse.” I took his drawing and embellished it. What’s funny is that the canvas I used had been lying around and had been used as a place to get rid of my leftover paint after painting sessions. If you paint, you know how expensive paint can be and I just hate wasting a pile of it and yet, I need big piles—especially when I’m working in acrylics (they dry quickly). Big piles of paint give me more freedom.

I picked up this canvas on the day that I was going to try to create “A Knight Mouse,” and when I turned it, all of a sudden I saw where the knight mouse should be. My lesson: don’t stress about wasting paint. Mix as much as you need and then if there are leftovers, slap them on an empty canvas and see what happens!